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Dog Boarding and Cage Free Daycare NOW OPEN! South Point, OH

We still do grooming, just offering more for you!

Daycare is only $10 a day. We charge by the stalls, not by the size of the dogs.




Large Stalls: 3 total

Size: 5"x4"

Total Dogs: 1 large, 2 medium, 1 medium & 2 small, or 3 to 4 small dogs in a large stall.

Price: $20 a night & price and a half ($10) for other dogs in the same stall


Small Stalls: 3 total

Size: 4"x3"

Total Dogs: 1 medium & small, or 2 small

Price: $18 a night and $9 for the second dog


Large Kennel Cages: 3 total

Total Dogs: 1 large, 1 medium, or 2 small dogs

Medium Kennel Cages: 4 total

Total Dogs: 1 medium or 1 small

Price: $15 a night & if there are 2 small dogs in the large kennel, the second one is $8.


Prices include their feedings, 4 bathroom breaks, & 30 minute playtime each day

Owners are to bring their own food, preferably broken down into the daily feedings by total amount per each feeding, or provide a measuring cup of some sort to measure out the amount of food per feeding. We provide water.

Owners can bring any bedding, blankets, toys, bones, etc. from home to make their dogs more comfortable during their stay.


All boarding dogs will have their picture taken daily and posted on our Facebook page. Owners can go on there and see them playing outside and know what they are doing daily.


Sociable dogs (must be very social and not aggressive) an pay $1 extra a day and be in the cage free daycare during their stay Monday- Saturday.  They can choose certain days to be in daycare or be in it everyday except Sunday.  Daycare is not offered on Sundays.


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